Thy feet need new heels! (and other shopping nonsense)

My three pairs of Ellie shoes have not held up to the wear and tear of drinking, dancing, and other unnamed mayhem that takes place at Joe’s. I broke the ankle strap on my first pair, blistered my feet with the second, and unglued the heel and sole of my third pair two days after purchase. I’m beginning to think this is a cheap brand (though these light up shoes are tempting).

I’ve placed an Amazon order for the industry standard Pleaser heels, three pairs. I got the cheapest ones I could find (still about $40/pair) in solid black, red, and green. They have a lot of really beautiful shoes, like these with seashells, so if these shoes hold up, I’ll splurge on more creative choices. For now…I JUST NEED UNBROKEN SHOES…!

On another note, I really like these thongs. I’ve got bigger hips and need a thick band to keep the pouch in place, and this looks super sexy. And this bikini top looks like something fun to untie on stage.


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