End of January has been good

The last week of January has been really good at the club. The guests have been happy and excitable, the management has stepped up their game on sales, and the girls have all earned money to pay for bills, groceries, and cigarettes.

I started up my eighth (and last) semester of undergraduate schooling. Not going to fake it–it has been brutal. Trying to balance 12 credit hours with the club isn’t the cake walk I thought it’d be. I need better time management if I’m going to ride this wave.

I’m less and less inclined to get my master’s degree. With Professional Writing, experience takes more precedence than education. I’d rather get an entry level position and begin working my way up the ladder than do another two years of class assignments and papers. But my mom is pushing for me to go, and chances are I won’t have to pay a dime for it (and receive a living stipend) so I may just bite the bullet and do it.


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